Marcus Baum’s conveyancing quote calculator will give you an instant estimate of the likely costs arising from buying, selling or refinancing a property.

Click on one of the tabs on the conveyancing quote calculator for ‘Buying’, ‘Selling’ or ‘Remortgage’ and enter the details in the simple form. Once happy with the quote, you can give us the go-ahead and we’ll start work straight away.

You can also send us a message or contact us by phone to discuss the details of your transaction.

We always give an all-inclusive fee. Some items shown will not be charged if not required by you or your mortgage provider. If comparing our conveyancing fee quote with others, please make sure you match item for item. Do not be misled by low headline figures which often conceal other charges that will be added later.

We are pleased to inform you that as a forward thinking firm we have worked with the Land Registry in order to offer Electronic Registration following completion. Not only does this make the process of registration more efficient but it also reduces the registration fee that you have to pay by 50%

Please note that in the event your property is subject to ‘First Registration’ or involves a ‘New/Extended Lease’ or ‘Transfer of Part’ then you will still need to complete a paper application for registration, which means the reduced fees will not apply.

Please note: All searches and search fees are subject to local variations and the respective suppliers’ terms and conditions, copies of which are available upon request